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Ever wonder how you could be a part of a higher purpose in life? Do you have a deep desire to always help others in need? Being a surrogate is nothing less than a miracle for people who cannot conceive a child by themselves. The experience will change your life forever.

The pain of infertility is real no matter what the reason. Research regarding surrogacy can be confusing, daunting and disheartening. Let us answer all your questions and refer you to the top professionals in the industry who will assist with their part of your journey.

Have you ever considered donating some of those beautiful parts of yourself to people in need? Many women aren’t so fortunate and for various reasons are unable to use their own eggs. Additionally, as the definition and face of the family changes with the inclusion of LGBTQ couples, the men from this community are always in need of amazing women to help them create life.

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Working alongside IVF clinics, reputable lawyers who specialize in third party reproduction law, and psychologists, we provide safe and healthy partnerships.

Angela is a member of the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada and can help provide expertise, guidance, and support.

We have proven systems for self-managing surrogacy reimbursements. Intended parents are provided a safe place to find surrogates who have been carefully screened and are committed to helping. You'll receive a unique level of compassion and experience during the stressors and emotional stages of pregnancy.

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Angela Peeters
Owner / Facilitator
Pam Scott
Accounting Manager
Tia Schultz
Graphic Designer
Lisa Scott
Egg Donor Support
Melanie Mitchell
Registered Nurse

Tara Wedam
Administrative Assistant

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